The hard work continues with MLC Motorsport

Macie Hitter continued the hard work she has been putting in with MLC Motorsport and driver coach, Oliver Clarke, at last weekend’s second round of the TVKC Autumn Cup. With Macie not having much wet weather experience in the Junior X30 class and on the Mach1 chassis, last weekend was a perfect chance for her to adapt to that and further develop ahead of what could be a very big season in 2022.

After a great test day, Macie was feeling confident coming into the weekend. Having spent the day working with former British Champion and F3 driver, Oliver Clarke, she had made great progress. However with the day spent in the dry conditions as the rain hit the PFI circuit on Saturday it was a complete reset as she would now have to start the hard work again.

With limited sessions on Saturday and very limited laps in qualifying finishing positions became somewhat of a lottery and almost luck dependant and sadly for Macie luck was not with her entirely. However, despite that all it was more laps being put in and that’s been Macie’s main goal in the second half of this season.

Having had the challenge of the wet on Saturday, Sunday would see conditions back dry again meaning Macie could put her all of her hard work from Friday into good use. However, being towards the back after a difficult qualifying always makes life difficult and often your results are determined by whether you can keep clear of the many incidents taking place ahead.

With Macie getting caught up in the second heat she would just miss out on a place in the A Final and would start pole position in the B Final. As she always does, Macie saw the positives of the situation that she would have the challenge of leading the field and holding off drivers who would be in no mood to try and work together.

After holding her own at the start Macie would lead the field away helping to form a breakaway of dour drivers who would all be in a position to qualify to the A Final. With some experienced drivers included Macie sat in 4th until the flag but sadly a front fairing penalty would see her penalised post-race losing her a place in the A Final.

However, the weekend was not about the results but more working further with the team and having gained lots of great experience from the weekend Macie can leave satisfied with her efforts.