Dreams do come true — Macie Hitter selected for FIA Girls On Track

Being a young woman in motorsport is rare enough, but to be recognised as one of the future talents and pioneers of female motorsport by the global governing body of world motorsport is a dream of every up and coming female driver and for Macie Hitter that dream has come true. 

The FIA have selected Macie Hitter as one of just 14 drivers from around the World for the 2021 FIA Girls On Track programme which will see her head off to France to compete against the best of young female motoring talent.  

FIA Girls On Track, isn’t just any programme with direct links to Ferrari F1 and global motorsport, the opportunity is unrivalled and Macie is in for a treat. 

“Ferrari commenced work with the FIA last year on its new Girls On Track scheme to find female talent for the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Maya Weug, 16, became the first woman to join the FDA after winning the initiative, and started work at Maranello earlier this year.

Ferrari announced on Wednesday that following the success of the programme in 2020, it had agreed to expand the partnership with the FIA for a further two seasons until the end of 2023. It will also double the number of women that will potentially be admitted each year to the FDA.” — Autosport 

Now with the incredible opportunity of an fully funded season in International Karting is up for grabs and being recognised for her amazing talents, Macie will soon be on track and aiming to prove herself against the best. For any driver working with an F1 team is a dream and Macie will be looking to use this opportunity to learn and develop as a driver. With the support of Ardens Young Racing Driver Academy, Macie stands a great chance to impress and be in contention. 

Bring it on!