Preparation for the fast lane

Macie Hitter is being put through her paces by one of the UK’s top fitness trainers to help her prepare for the chance of racing in F4 and beyond. Macie, a former top karting racer with multi trophies under her belt and a Junior Ginetta Finalist in November 2021 is ready for the challenge.

Multi award winning trainer and PT of the Year 2021, Paul Jewiss, is working with 14-year-old Macie Hitter to help her reach the high levels of fitness and endurance necessary for top-flight racing drivers.

Working in his private PT studio in Morley just outside of Wymondham, Jewiss is developing a training programme tailored to Macie’s specific needs and personal fitness after a detailed assessment and analysis at the Porsche Human Testing Lab last week.

“Racing a single seater racing car demands high levels of physical fitness, strength and stamina especially in the lower back, abdomen, shoulder and neck muscles,” said Jewiss, “A tailored and planned fitness regime will ensure Macie can give her best on track throughout the race weekend.”

Jamie Hitter, Macie’s father added: “Winning in motorsport means getting the best from all aspects of the race package – including the driver. Fitness and stamina are essential, especially in F4 where the workload on race day is very high”.

Paul will not only be working on fitness and recovery, but his team of experts will also be focusing on nutrition, mindset training and media coaching. Paul will also be on hand to help Macie prepare for race weekends and during the day to ensure she can perform at the highest level.

“We’re delighted that an experienced specialist like Paul is on hand in Norfolk to help us mount the strongest challenge next season.”

Jewiss adds, “I am extremely humbled that Macie and her team have come to me for the help she needs and we will ensure that we will bring all our experience to the table to ensure we see her racing in F4 and then hopefully in F1. It’s very demanding we know Macie is 100% committed to the project”

Jewiss has 15 years’ experience training motor sport professionals in Formula 1, F3000, British Touring Cars and British Superbikes. Noticeable names include Juan Pablo Montoya, Ralph Firman and David Leslie.