Challenges for Macie at Kimbolton

It was sadly another day to forget for Macie Hitter at Kimbolton with the Praga UK driver finishing 23rd after a front fairing penalty in the final. In tough conditions, it left Macie a difficult task of trying to get straight up to speed with no practice and after a tough qualifying Macie was never quite able to get going.

A short qualifying in very difficult conditions gave Macie a tough job and in a packed grid of 32 Junior X30 drivers, she was never quite able to get a clear lap in leaving her all the way down in 28th place.

From there it was always going to be an uphill battle with the conditions and short races making racing from the back even more difficult. Macie would do exactly what was needed in the opening heat by simply keeping her nose clean and that left her able to make seven places in just nine laps to cross the line in 21st.

An incredibly messy second heat would sadly see a halt in any progress for Macie who looked on for a top 20 finish before being forced down the order in the dying stages of the race. As well as being pushed down to 25th, Macie would also pick up a front fairing penalty in the process leaving her in 26th overall.

It meant Macie’s gain in terms of positions between qualifying and the end of the heats would be just four places leaving her with a tough task once again in the final.

Refusing to throw in the towel Macie would get her elbows out at the start and continued to work her way up the order making places on almost every lap. In a busy nine lap race, Macie would eventually get as a high as 19th but in the process a she would be handed yet another front fairing penalty leaving her in 23rd place overall.

A disappointing end to what had been yet another disappointing day at Kimbolton. It seems Macie hasn’t been able to have the chance to show the pace she demonstrated at Whilton Mill there just yet, but there is a long season ahead and there is no doubt Macie is starting to get very comfortable in her new Praga as the British Championships edges ever closer.